Jamie Rendon, L.M.T.

Myofascial Specialist

Jamie is a licensed massage therapist here at OC Wellness Physicians. Jamie has been practicing massage therapy since 2005 and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. From the age of 3 to 28, Jamie studied and performed in the field of dance. Over the years, she became interested in working with dancers who were recovering from injury. Later, after working as a chiropractic assistant for three years, Jamie found she had a strong interest in massage therapy.

After learning of the many benefits of massage, Jamie felt using her knowledge of body mechanics from her background as a dancer could offer a unique approach. With the support and a gentle nudge from her husband, she continued her education in this amazing field. Combining her experience and training in several different modalities, Jamie specializes in Therapeutic and Pregnancy Massage.

Jamie finds it exciting to learn new techniques from other therapists and practitioners, and is continually furthering her knowledge in this growing field. She truly enjoys every aspect of being a massage therapist. Whether it’s pain from: daily stress, headaches, sports injury, surgery, or pregnancy, Jamie finds great satisfaction in working with her clients to help promote healing in a warm and comfortable environment.


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