Anthony Redjaian

Physical Therapy/Chiropractic Assistant


Anthony was born and raised in Southern California, and from a young age was always taking part in sports clubs and teams, in Highschool played football until his junior year. Basketball is his favorite sport as well as Martial arts where he is extremely passionate about. He has been practicing since the age of 4 and is currently a black belt in Shotokan Karate. Anthony got interested in the medical field when in Highschool he obtained an internship at a wellness center that focused on chiropractic, physical therapy and nutrition. Since then Anthony has been extremely passionate about fitness, health and wellness. At one point became a health coach and helped many others reach their health and fitness goal. Anthony is currently enrolled at IVC and is the process of transferring to a Cal ST. working on obtaining his degree in Kinesiology.

In his free time, he loves traveling and attending music festivals. He also loves staying active and weight lifting. Watching basketball along with hanging with friends and family is on the top of his list on favorite things to do!

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