Dr. Matthew Johnson

Chiropractic Physician

Originally from Pasadena, California, Dr. Matthew Johnson graduated from California State Polytechnic University earning the degree of a Bachelor in Biological Sciences in 2005. He then furthered his education by earning his Bachelor of Science in Anatomy in 2009, Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness in 2010, and received a Doctorate from Parker University in Dallas, TX in 2011.

Dr. Matt Johnson, son of a chiropractor, has lived the chiropractic model of health. Intrigued by his father’s profession, Dr. Johnson vowed to master the art of Chiropractic.

An active child, Dr. Matt Johnson had many sport injuries. He is a nationally ranked in martial arts with a collection of over 500 trophies and a black belt by the age of 10. Dr. Johnson describes his Martial arts experience as follows: “Martial arts is an extremely active and competitive sport that can be hard on the body, especially the joints, many martial artist experience a variety of injuries throughout there career and without conservative care to piece me back together, I would not have become as successful as I was.”

As an adult, Dr.Johnson has dedicated himself to treating the underlying causes of all types of musculoskeletal and neurological pain. He has lived chiropractic and knows exactly what every patient is feeling when being treated. He has stated “When I put my hands on a patient, I not only experience what I am feeling, but I remember as a patient what they are feeling.” This gives Dr. Johnson and unspoken bond with the patient and he understands what the patient is going through and what they can expect with care.

Dr Johnson’s mission is restoring patients to their optimal health in the shortest time possible and is committed to helping families in the community experience improved health and vitality to maintain peak performance in all aspects of life.

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