Jerica Mulkey

Patient Treatment Coordinator

Jerica Mulkey is a front desk administrator for OC Wellness Physicians. Born and raised in California, Jerica has always had a passion for helping others. Her outgoing and kind-hearted personality makes it easy for her to connect with all patients, so that she may help educate them about the many benefits of care at our wellness center. Jerica has had numerous front desk interactions with various patients, where they have testified just how our facility has helped them balance a healthy lifestyle and has changed their overall attitude on life.

Jerica’s heartfelt sociable nature causes her to go above and beyond simply greeting patients and scheduling appointments. She is always sure that each patient is catered to, and understands just how important every patient is to us and our office. A phenomenal asset to our team, Jerica’s main goal is to continue to inspire and help people, so that they may achieve their health goals and go far beyond what they thought was ever possible.

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