Marina Avelino

Certified Massage Therapist


Marina was born in Quezon Province, Philippines. I came from a family of 12 and I am the 9th of 10 siblings. I am married and blessed with six wonderful kids: a girl and five boys.

I remember that when I was young, my mom used to help our neighbors’ kids when they hurt by giving them a massage. So, at a young age, I already knew how massage can help with total wellness and better quality of life for someone. I found out later on that I have a therapeutic touch when I helped a neighbor’s grandkid who hurt his ankle while playing basketball.

Since then, I’ve had an interest in getting proper training in massage. At first, I got training and certification for reflexology. When my husband had a stroke, I helped him to recover quickly by massaging him almost every day so that the part of his body that was affected by the stroke could function normally.

Eight years ago, my family and I came to America. I got hired in retail for my first job, and got promoted twice until I became a manager. I worked in retail for five years until I thought that it was time for a career change. I thought of going back to school to take up massage therapy. At the same time, I worked at an elderly assisted living facility, where I became an activity coordinator. I worked massage therapy into the residents’ activity schedule, and they loved it. It helped them calm down, increased their mobility and decreased pain.

Meanwhile, I found a good school for massage therapy, where I trained for 900 hours. I continued my education by taking up advanced neuromuscular therapy, which involves intense and detailed training on treating pain through trigger points. I learned the causes, symptoms, and origin of pain, and how to manage pain. There’s so much to learn about our bodies even beyond anatomy alone. The more I understand pain and its causes, the better I can help each patient by personalizing each session on the patient’s needs.

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