Raquel Valencia

Pilates Instructor


Raquel ‘Rocky’ Valencia is from Long Beach, California. She began her career as an aerobics instructor in the 90s, at the same time she began to study dance, performing arts and the mind (psychology). As she grew as a dancer, the art of movement compelled her to further study the human condition. As a child, she was an athlete and Martial Artist, learning core values of honor, integrity, discipline and respect. Rocky was the international recipient of the $100,000 Gold’s Gym Serious Fitness Transformational Challenge in 2000 and was able to utilize the core concepts to achieve one of the most rewarding worldwide fitness contests, which later inspired others to transform their lives.

As a graduate of Body Arts Science International, the course was an eye-opener to other transformational processes. Rocky has been an innovative fitness enthusiast, fusing body building/fitness competitor training skills to help others achieve greatness in the art of their ‘individual’ movement. Rocky is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Reiki Master and Licensed Spiritual Practitioner living by Universal Truth Principles. She has embodied the ultimate nature of what it truly means to exercise the Body, Mind and Spirit and applies her life’s work by leading individuals & groups of fitness via Pilates, indoor cycling, Zumba, core conditioning, strength training and meditation in many different environments such as Paramount Studios, Honda & Toyota Fitness, Google, Disney Studios, Agape International Spiritual Center and in private & public schools etc.

Not only an advocate for movement, she utilizes Conscious Parenting Skills in her life as a mother. Rocky has arrived to share the Beauty of Movement and Love for Strength in any aspect necessary to MOVE the body temple to a higher vibratory playing ground. She is an advocate for change in an ever-evolving world, where she supports herself and others on the journey to conscious Health and Wholeness knowing that movement is the fundamental idea for living a quality life, and Pilates is an incredible access point to transformation.

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