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Orange County Pilates in Huntington Beach


If you’d like to discover the exciting benefits of Pilates in Huntington Beach, OC Wellness Physicians is here to help. We firmly believe in the physical and mental benefits of engaging in this specialized form of exercise and look forward to introducing you to them.

Perhaps you’ve gotten the impression that this type of exercise is too complicated or advanced. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, practically anyone can engage in it and experience dramatic improvements to their health as a result. This type of exercise is safe, low-impact and easy to learn. That’s especially true when you have the right guidance, which is what you’ll get at OC Wellness Physicians.


History Of Pilates


To understand why our experienced physicians recommend this form of exercise for people of all ages and abilities, it helps to understand its origins. It was named after its inventor, who developed it to help injured World War I veterans who were largely confined to their beds. In its earliest form, it required the use of pulleys, straps and other devices. Professional dancers in New York City embraced the physical fitness system after discovering how quickly it helped them develop their core strength. It wasn’t until much later, when Hollywood celebrities started touting its benefits, that it became mainstream.


Effective Huntington Beach Pilates Instruction


Are you curious about this type of exercise, or have you already been introduced to it but want to improve your skills? Whatever the case may be, OC Wellness Physicians can help. We are the experts when it comes to Pilates in Westminster, Huntington Beach and other parts of Orange County. Our skilled instructors and wellness professionals will show you how to perform these exercises for optimal results.


Strengthen Your Core and Feel Better


This physical fitness system is a very effective way to develop core strength, which results in many other exciting health benefits. While it primarily targets the muscles of the abdomen and back, it has a ripple effect that strengthens and enhances all of the muscles in the body. With regular sessions, you’ll notice dramatic improvements to your overall strength and well-being. Contact OC Wellness Physicians now to learn more!

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