Scoliosis Treatment In Orange County


What Is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is determined by an abnormal curve in the spine or backbone. Essentially, it is a malformation of one’s spine. Scoliosis can be diagnosed through a physical exam, or by imaging technologies such as MRI’s, CT scans and X-rays. Scoliosis can be very painful for some and even limit one’s physical limitations. Surgery to realign the spine is not recommended in most cases as there are many risk factors associated with a major invasive surgery, especially to the spine. The experts at OC Wellness Physicians can help you treat scoliosis and AVOID MAJOR SURGERY by creating a customized treatment plan for YOU!

Who Is at Risk For Scoliosis?

It is very important to recognize scoliosis in its early stages. Scoliosis is more often developed in young children and adolescents as it occurs during spinal development. Scoliosis in adults is a result of deterioration of one’s spinal health. Scoliosis is frequently associated with osteoporosis in women who are older than 40. Common symptoms of scoliosis include lower back pain, leg cramping, tingling, pain or discomfort, and fatigued or sore muscles. If you think you may have scoliosis it is crucial to your spinal health to get it checked out.

Scoliosis Treatment Solutions

Scoliosis can be a very painful condition for some. Surgery to repair the spine is not recommended in almost all cases. Treatment for scoliosis depends on the age of the patient and the severity of the condition. Whenever possible, scoliosis should be treated as early as possible in attempt to redirect development of the spine to a healthier alignment. Typical treatment options involve mechanical interventions such as braces and different forms of physical or rehabilitative therapies. Our doctors at OC Wellness Physicians will help you decided what treatment plan is best for you.

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