Supartz Knee Therapy


What is SUPARTZ Knee Therapy?


SUPARTZ Intra-Articular, or generically known as hyaluronate sodium, is a medication that is specifically used to help knee pain primarily caused by joint inflammation or osteoarthritis in patients. SUPARTZ acts as a lubricant for the knee joint, lessening the pain of joint friction and compression. The major benefit of SUPARTZ knee therapy is that there is no need to undergo invasive surgery to improve knee joint pain.

How it Works:

Hyaluronate sodium , a naturally occurring cartilage substance, is injected into the knee in order to improve the existing inflammation inside of the knee joint. The substance then acts like a natural hyaluronic acid cushion to protect the joints form rubbing together during movement and activity. This provides rapid pain relief, drastically reduced inflammation and increased mobility due to the lubrication from the shot in the knee joint. When these three components are treated with Supartz, the injection acts as a symptom reducer and helps solve the root of your knee pain. 



  • The SUPARTZ natural knee therapy treatment is non – pharmacological and non – surgical, avoiding the time and financial obligations of knee replacement surgery.
  • SUPARTZ therapy can help alleviate pain, making it possible to return to an optimal activity level and general lifestyle.

The results of the SUPARTZ therapy injections will begin to reduce pain and joint discomfort in just a five short weeks.

To get started on the life-changing experience of SUPARTZ knee joint therapy, schedule a consultation today. Using Supartz for your knee pain and injuries can help you avoid painful and dangerous surgery, as well as eliminate the need for habit-forming prescription pain medications. Before you schedule your surgery, come in for a consultation to see if our healthcare professionals can help you avoid surgery using Supartz. It may be the best decision you make regarding your joint pain.

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