Nerve Block Therapy

Chronic pain is a debilitating condition that is difficult to treat. Many people that suffer from chronic pain are not able to complete daily tasks to maintain their lifestyle simply because the pain is too great. Some healthcare professionals attempt to treat the symptoms of chronic pain by prescribing dangerous and habit forming opioids and pain medications. However, nerve block therapy can be a safe way to tackle the pain at its root; directly in the nerve. When a group of nerves – called a plexus or ganglion – is directly affecting a part of the patient’s body with pain, it is possible to block the pain by directly injecting blockers into the nerve or nerve group causing the pain.

What is Nerve Block Therapy?

Nerve block therapy is generally an injection of local anesthetic injected directly into the affected nerve associated with the pain. However, nerve blocks can be used in several ways to treat the patient. First, nerve blocks can be used to treat acute pain in a specific part of the body. Nerve blocks can also be used on a temporary basis to locate which nerves are affected by the pain. This is called a diagnostic nerve block.

Nerve block therapy has become an effective and trusted way to treat chronic pain. Many people who suffer from chronic pain receive nerve block therapy on a regular basis. Nerve block therapy is a safe alternative to surgery to control pain and return the patient to normal mobility and function.

At OC Wellness Physicians, we take a comprehensive and thorough approach to treating severe and chronic pain. After meeting with one of our healthcare professionals, they can determine if nerve blocks therapy is right for you. Our goal is to not simply mask the pain, but cure the root problem that is causing the pain.


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