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Huntington Beach Chiropractic Weight Loss Services by OCWP in Orange County, CA

With OC Wellness Physicians Medical Group our team of Huntington Beach chiropractic and weight loss specialists and our step by step weight loss program your success is as simple as making a call and results are just around the corner.

OC Wellness Physician’s Weight Loss Program

  • A simple “building block” approach to weight loss
  • Weight loss specifically tailored to each patient’s questionnaire and test results
  • Comprehensive weight loss, health, and maintenance management program for the patient
  • Easy to follow weekly patient lessons and workbooks that keep you motivated and accountable
  • Delicious Food replacements for optimum weight loss

    Overweight problems and affects on your life:

    If you are overweight, you are more likely to develop health problems, such as high blood pressure, lack of energy, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, certain types of cancer, gout (joint pain caused by excess uric acid), and gallbladder disease. Being overweight can also cause problems such as sleep apnea (interrupted breathing during sleep) and osteoarthritis (wearing away of the joints). The more overweight you are, the more likely you are to have health problems. Weight loss can help improve the harmful effects of being overweight. However, many overweight people have difficulty reaching their healthy body weight. Studies show that you can improve your health by losing as little as 10 to 20 pounds.

    How Can Orange County Wellness Physicians Medical Center Help:

    Team of Experts

    Our program was developed by a group of chiropractors, medical doctors, dietitians, and psychologists with over 100 years of combined knowledge and practice in the weight loss industry.
    Weight Loss Program Details:

    We prefer to use the term Lifestyle Change instead of diet. Research shows that unless the patient changes their eating and life habits, the chance of regaining their lost weight in a short period of time is extremely high! What is unique about our program is that we tailor the diet specifically for each patient dependent on health history, initial BMI, and lifestyle. In this way, we can assure our patients that they will receive the most effective and healthiest way to lose weight! We provide the proper meal replacements to fit every lifestyle. We couple these food plans with support group lessons or private one on one support to create the Lifestyle Change that is very important. This is a very unique aspect of our program.

    Studies have shown that patients lose more weight and are able to sustain their weight loss better with group support! Our patients actually look forward to attending group support classes or meetings to learn how to control their weight and discuss their experiences with the other group members and the doctors. This is the only way to insure lasting results!

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