Lunch and Learn

Our providers offer in-person as well as virtual health and wellness presentations
for your corporate team! Topics are tailored to your team’s needs and interests.
Stress Management, Heart Health, and Nutrition are some of our most popular
presentations. A healthy lunch is provided for all attendees. Reach out to our
wellness coordinators to learn more!

Massage Days

Our team of 2 to 6-massage therapist will come out to your office and provide 10–
15-minutemassages for your team. Massages have been proven to boost the
immune system and release endorphins (stress-relieving hormones), leaving your
staff relaxed, focused, healthier, and happier!

Mobility Clinic

Hosted by one or two of our doctors (in person or virtually), we educate your staff
on the importance of ergonomics in the workplace. Asis an interactive clinic, we
provide simple tools like lacrosse balls for your employees and demonstrate easy
ways to stretch and care for their bodies. Our presentations focus on
strengthening the body, enhancing workouts, and making wellness a lifestyle.
Health Fitness and Weight loss Challenges
Presented as a lifestyle change challenge, the “Commit to Be Fit” challenge
promotes camaraderie and health! It is generally a 10–12-week challenge that is
self-motivated with our OC Wellness team onsite support each week. We are
more than happy to tailor the program to your corporate team needs and get as
involved as you would like.

Biometric Screenings

This includes, but is not limited to: Glucose, Cholesterol and Triglyceride testing,
weight, body mass index and body fat percentage, spinal, and nutrition
screenings. Results are discussed individually with each employee.

BMI Scans & Blood Pressure Tests

BMI Scans & Blood Pressure Tests are great to couple with a health and wellness
talk or massage day. Our team will provide the testing and discuss the results with
each member individually and give them personal tips on how to achieve their

Ergonomic Presentations

Our team will come onsite or virtually setup a zoom call with the individual
employees to assess and provide feedback on their workstation.

Juicing & Smoothie Demonstration

Our wellness team will come onsite or virtually setup an interactive juicing and/or
smoothie demonstration for all attendees. Our nutritionist will provide your staff
with healthy juicing/smoothie recipes and nutrition tips. Often, we couple this
with a nutrition presentation such as, “Getting Ready for Summer.”

Personalized Wellness Clinics

We’re here to support your company’s unique health and wellness goals! Let our
team of experts create a personalized wellness plan centered around the specific
health journey your company wants to take. Every element of our clinics can be
customized to maximize your team’s health empowerment, training, and
education. Have an idea? We can put it into action.

Team Building Challenges

Take your corporate wellness to the next level through the power of teamwork!
We equip your team to find success as they work toward a reachable set of health
and wellness goals. Weight loss, healthy eating, and exercise centered challenges
have been client favorites over the years, but our team is always ready to create a
new challenge centered around your team’s goals.

Stress Management

One of our providers will come on site or virtually hold a class on the effects of
stress to your mental and physical health as well as provide tips on how to
manage it. Often, we couple this with a Meditation Session.

COVID Antibody Testing

Provide Onsite or Office setting Antibody Testing for your team members. Call us
for special pricing.

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