If you suffer from pain due to damaged joints or tissues in your body, you’re not alone. Degeneration can take many forms. No matter what part of the body is affected, this damage can keep you from feeling healthy – and even stop you from doing the things you love. Stem Cell Therapy could be a solution.

If you don’t want to undergo invasive surgery or rely on medicine to cover up the problem, there are other modern solutions that could relieve your pain.

At OC Wellness Physicians Medical Group, we specialize in cutting-edge regenerative medicine treatments such as Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy represents a groundbreaking advancement in the field of regenerative medicine. This innovative approach utilizes the remarkable potential of stem cells to heal and rejuvenate various tissues in the body. Whether you’re dealing with joint pain, sports injuries, or chronic conditions, stem cell therapy offers promising options for recovery and improved quality of life.


Stem cell therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that stimulates healing within your body without invasive surgeries or pharmaceutical drugs.

Stem cells are present throughout the human body and are an essential part of the cellular repair system. Stem cells provide new cells to replace old, damaged, or lost cells. The stem cells utilized in stem cell therapy are derived the collection of umbilical cord tissue from a healthy donor after the birth of a baby. This tissue is rich in mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and other beneficial components.

In stem cell therapy, we take these stem cells and inject them into a damaged area of your body. Once injected, the stem cells stimulate your tissues to begin the process of regenerating and repairing themselves.

Stem cell therapy harnesses the regenerative potential of these versatile cells to address a wide range of medical conditions and injuries. Unlike conventional treatments that merely manage symptoms, stem cell therapy aims to stimulate the body’s innate healing processes.

Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells


Stem cell therapy allows your body to rejuvenate itself naturally. Mesenchymal stem cells are multipotent stem cells that can self-renew and differentiate into various types of tissue.

In stem cell therapy, cells are injected into the area of your body where you have degeneration, including tissue, cartilage, muscles, or even your bones.

Stem cells are naturally programmed to stimulate healing. And this healing could bring you pain relief by reducing inflammation and repairing years of damage.


Stem cell therapy has shown success in the treatment for many chronic conditions, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Herniated discs
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Bone injuries
  • Muscle injuries

If you’re living with daily pain due to tissue damage or a degenerative condition, stem cell therapy may be right for you.


Instead of using medications or surgeries to fix painful damage, why not give your body what it needs to heal on its own?

Through stem cell therapy, you can harness your own body’s healing ability, enabling damaged areas to fix themselves.

Not only that, but bone marrow-derived stem cell therapy provides:

  • A minimally-invasive outpatient procedure
  • Decreased inflammation at the site of pain
  • Increased function to the degenerated area
  • Pain relief right at the source
  • An effective alternative to surgery
  • Fast recovery after the procedure
  • A safe, low-risk treatment

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, you have more options than just surgery or lifelong medication dependence. Our team at OC Wellness Physicians Medical Group is here to help you understand your options and get you back to living the life you love.


If you’re a candidate for stem cell therapy, we’ll discuss the procedure with you in more detail and make your treatment appointment.

During your treatment, our regenerative medicine experts inject the prepared stem cells into your damaged tissues, starting your body’s healing process.

Once injected, the stem cells immediately begin their work. They home in on damaged or inflamed tissues within the body. These stem cells have the remarkable ability to differentiate into various cell types depending on the tissue’s needs.

You can return home the same day as the treatment and typically get back to regular activity within 48 hours after the procedure. Stem cell therapy is safe and comes with minimal risk of side effects.

As the healing process progresses, patients typically experience a reduction in pain and an improvement in function. This can include increased joint mobility, reduced inflammation, and enhanced tissue strength.

Most patients begin feeling results within two to four months and last up to a year. Some patients report the effects of treatment lasting for several years.

Don’t wait to start the journey towards healing painful, damaged areas in your body. Schedule a consultation with our caring team of pain-management specialists to see if stem cell therapy could be right for you.