Sports-related injuries occur during physical activity such as running, weight lifting, playing a game of pick-up basketball after work, or even just playing catch with your kids in the front yard. OC Wellness Physician Medical Group provides comprehensive treatments for sports injuries that address the root cause of the damage. This approach leads to more targeted treatment and faster recovery times.

Our team understands how important physical activities and sports are to you. We want you to get to doing what you love and participating in the activities you enjoy. Most of all, we want you to be pain-free. By asking the right questions and thoroughly understanding your health history, we’ll get you back on your feet.


Sports-related injuries don’t just happen to athletes. They can happen anytime you’re active. They’re so common Massage Therapythat around 8.6 million people suffer from a sports-related injury each year.

We’re here to mitigate the suffering and get you the relief you so deserve. OC Wellness Physician Medical Group can help by creating a personalized treatment plan and approaching your recovery with a holistic approach. 


Most sports injuries occur from improper training or gear, overexertion, or an accident. The most common area of injury is in the knee joint, but shoulder and elbow injuries are also common.

All sports-related injuries are usually caused by one of two things: overuse or acute traumatic injury.

  • An overuse injury occurs from repetitive motions like running, throwing, or swimming. The damage accumulates over time and can lead to serious, long-term problems if not treated properly.
  • Acute traumatic injuries occur more rapidly, such as in contact sports or from an accident. Muscle strains, sprains, concussions, or fractures are all considered acute traumatic injuries. While overuse happens over time, acute traumatic injuries happen fast.

Regardless of how you got your sports injury, it’s important to treat it with a comprehensive and holistic treatment plan so you can experience well-deserved relief, and decrease your risk for further injury.


Different activities increase your risk of sports injuries depending on how aggressive they push your body. But other factors can impact your risk of suffering this type of injury. These factors include:

  • Age. Because of their increased activity levels, children are at a higher risk of injury. Older adults also have a higher probability of suffering an injury due to loss of bone density, decreased mobility, and muscle mass loss.
  • Type and frequency of activity. If you run three miles a day, you’re at a higher risk of overuse than someone who swims once a week. Make sure you use proper form and don’t push yourself past your limits when first starting out. And be sure to pace yourself and listen to your body, even when you’re a well-trained athlete.
  • Obesity. Excess weight puts strain on your joints, especially the knees and hips. With more weight to carry, your body is at a higher risk of injury. 

The good news is we can decrease some of your risk factors. If you’ve suffered a sports-related injury, we don’t want it to happen again. So, part of your treatment plan will involve interventions to prevent future injuries. 


We use an integrative approach to correct the underlying cause of the injury. Through an assessment of your health history plus a physical diagnosis, OC Wellness Physician Medical Group creates a personalized treatment plan for you. 

By utilizing a variety of treatment modalities, you have the opportunity to heal quicker, increase your mobility faster, and get back to your normal activities sooner.

We focus on utilizing integrative treatment methods to speed up your recovery and stabilize your body for sports-related injuries. Your treatment plan may include:

  • Chiropractic care: We use precise adjustments and spinal manipulation to get your body back in alignment to begin to heal itself.
  • Acupuncture: Using thin needles placed into specific areas, acupuncture provides pain relief and relaxation to support your natural healing.
  • Massage therapy: Pain relief, muscle relaxation, improved circulation, and stress relief all support healing after an injury, helping you get back to your normal activities faster.
  • Spinal decompression: Using a traction table or similar type of device, spinal decompression stretches the spine and aids in increased circulation and pain recovery.
  • Active release techniques (ART): A soft tissue technique used to diagnose and treat problems in the fascia, muscles, tendons, or nerves. ART is non-invasive and combines touch with patient movement to relieve pain and restore proper function. 
  • KT taping: An elastic sports tape used to support vulnerable areas on the body. KT tape relieves pain while also providing support during sports or daily activities.
  • Trigger point injections: Used to treat muscle pain that can occur after injury, these targeted injections relax your muscles, providing immediate pain relief.

At OC Wellness Physician Medical Group, you have access to our multidisciplinary treatment methods within your personalized plan. By combining traditional western medicine with functional and alternative practices, we’re able to provide you the fastest possible relief. 

You’ll be back to pitching in your softball league, playing soccer on the weekends, or chasing your grandkids around the backyard before you know it.