Establishing the correct diagnosis is key to finding the source of your pain, injury, or medical condition and creating a treatment plan that’s right for you. 

DIAGNOSTIC TESTING At OC Wellness Physicians Medical Group, we understand that pain is complex, and each patient is unique. 

There are a variety of in-office diagnostic tests that we use to discover the source of your pain, your decreased range of motion, or other concern. With this information, along with an exam and health questionnaire, our team of experts gets to work on creating a targeted treatment plan to support your healing and recovery. 

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There are several specific tests we use to diagnose injury, disease, or pain. At OC Wellness Physicians Medical Group, we utilize proven diagnostic tests to discover the source of your condition.

Testing may include:

  • Electromyography
  • Nerve conduction study
  • Diagnostic ultrasound
  • Vascular testing
  • X-ray

The tests we recommend depend on your symptoms and medical history.

Electromyography (EMG)

Electromyography, or EMG, is used to assess the health of your muscles and nerves.  By putting fine needles (electrodes) into your muscles, we can measure your muscular response to electrical signals that we send through the electrodes. This allows us to assess your muscle activity and health. 

EMG is traditionally done for patients showing signs of muscle weakness, an EMG helps diagnose any muscle abnormality, including muscle inflammation, pinched nerves, peripheral Nerve Damage, or disc herniation. Although using needles and electric signals may sound unpleasant, o isn’t as painful as it sounds. You may feel a little pinching and a sensation similar to static shock, but it’s a fairly painless test.

Nerve Conduction Study (NCS)

A nerve conduction study, or NCS, is a diagnostic test used to diagnose nerve damage. It measures how fast an electrical impulse moves through your nerve.  During the test, the nerve we’re concerned about is stimulated with two electrode patches that are placed on your skin. One electrode stimulates your nerve and the other records it. 

We use NCS’s to differentiate between a nerve issue or a muscle issue. NCS’s are used to diagnose nerve problems, common with carpal tunnel syndrome or Guillain Barre syndrome. They are also useful in finding the cause of numbness, tingling, and continuous pain.

Diagnostic Ultrasounds

Also known as sonography, diagnostic ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves to capture real-time images inside your body. 

Many people think this is only used in pregnancy, but there are a variety of uses for ultrasounds. If you’re having pain, swelling, or other symptoms that require an internal view of your organs, vasculature, or tissues an ultrasound can help pinpoint the source of the issue. 

Diagnostic Ultrasounds

Vascular Testing

Vascular testing looks at blood flow through veins. This painless test helps us diagnose cardiovascular disease within your heart or blood vessels by obtaining images. 

Because changes occur in our blood vessels as we age – such as plaque build-up, varicose veins, and blood clots – vascular testing helps identify the health of your body’s circulatory system.


One of the more traditional imaging tests, an x-ray utilizes electromagnetic waves to create a picture of the inside of your body. They are commonly used to diagnose various medical problems, including bone fractures, arthritis, spinal curvature, tumors, and disc degeneration. 


When you’re experience pain, whether acute or chronic, getting to the correct source of your pain is essential for treatment.

Going through medical testing, waiting for results, and coping with all the uncertainty can be nerve-racking at best. We understand that searching for health answers is difficult, and we’re committed to guiding you through this process with personalized care and compassion.

Let’s get to the source of your pain and get you living pain-free again!

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