Dr. Esteban Sandoval, DC
Dr. Esteban Sandoval, DCChiropractic Physician

Born and raised in Southern California and a proud son of parents from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Dr. Sandoval lived his life discovering a multitude of passions and life experiences. His passion for joy, music, fulfillment, and knowledge always came second to his passion for compassion. His desire to see people live their happiest and healthiest lives is what led him to Southern California University of Health Sciences, where he obtained his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2018. Through his desire to deliver the best care possible, Dr. Sandoval studied under some fo the best minds in the realms of Sports Medicine, Chiropractic Adjustive Techniques and Clinical Diagnosis. He was the recipient of the Dr. Herbert Magee Jr. Technique Award for his graduating class and lives by the quote he wrote for graduation, “The adjustment can be many things – amazing, incredible and even life changing. But the one thing is can never be is good enough” and for this reason he dedicates his time to honing his skills for the maximum benefit of his patients.

When not in the clinical setting, Dr. Sandoval volunteers his time in various capacities with the American Chiropractic Association where he currently serves as the Alternate Delegate for Southern California. He has since specialized in committees and groups that focus on patient advocacy to ensure the patients get what they need and the care they deserve. This philosophy has led him to pursue integrated models for true patient centered healthcare. He believes the best care doesn’t have to come from the best providers, but rather the best mindset – put the patient at the center and let inter-professional collaboration be the tool we use to get them back to health!

When not working, Dr. Sandoval enjoys drumming in a regional hispanic band, playing guitar, spending time with family, pretending to be able to golf, going to the gym, hiking the world, thinking he is chef Ramsay and laughing way too much.