Dr. Tanner Kinderman, DC
Dr. Tanner Kinderman, DCChiropractic Physician

Dr. Tanner was born and raised in Southern California. At a young age he always fascinated with the human body, its potential, and knew he wanted to be in the medial field. Because of his fascination and interest in learning, Dr. Tanner studied Kinesiology in undergrad and became a personal trainer while in school focusing on corrective exercises, movement patterns, and educating his clients on how to exercise properly in order to get out of pain. After finishing undergrad he continued his education at Southern California University of Health Sciences in order to obtain his Doctorate in Chiropractic with an emphasize in sports medicine. His aspiration to be the best provider possible lead him to learn from multiple practitioners, take countless seminars, and perfect his ability to diagnose and adjust. Of his hard work and efforts, he was a recipient of the Dr. Herbert Magee Jr. Technique Award for his graduating class.

Dr. Tanner’s first chiropractic experience was at an early age as a result to different injuries he obtained while playing soccer, running cross country and track, and doing Muay Thai. During his athletic career he received chiropractic care in order to overcome his injuries and achieve athletic goals that he never thought he would obtain. While in high school Dr. Tanner sustained an injury and was told he would need surgery or he would run the risk of not being able to walk and run when he was older. Dr. Tanner did not want to undergo surgery so he began working with a number of chiropractors and physical therapist in order to overcome his injury, continue running cross country and track, and to this day he is able to do the things he loves without any issues. As a result to his experiences with his previous sports injuries and his motorcycle accident, Dr. Tanner continues to hone his skill set in order to provide exceptional care and help the people get out of pain so they do not have to go through the struggles he had to face.

During Dr. Tanner’s free time, he enjoys traveling, going to the beach to play beach volleyball, weightlifting, rock climbing, and spending time with his dog Khaleesi.