For many of us, maintaining an active lifestyle is something to be enjoyed through taking part in our favorite athletic sport. Some of us enjoy team sports like basketball, baseball, football or soccer. Others like to exercise on the tennis, badminton or squash court. Running, jogging and for the slightly less energetic among us, golf and hiking are all athletic pastimes to a greater or lesser degree.

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Consequently at some point, most of us will suffer from an athletic sports injury. Of course such injuries can range from mild strains and sprains to much more serious sports injuries which, without treatment can have a curtailing effect not just on our sporting activities, but on our ability to perform normal day to day tasks and attend work. Some of the most common sports injuries include:

  • Sprained ankles
  • Groin strains
  • Strained hamstring
  • Shin splints
  • ACL tear (Knee injury)
  • Patellofemoral syndrome (Knee injury)
  • Tennis elbow

Back and neck injuries also feature among the more common forms of sports injuries, any of which can be serious enough to result in work absence and possibly long term pain and some degree of lost mobility.

Medical Treatments for Athletic Sports Injuries

As disabling as many of these common sporting injuries can be, in a lot of cases, there is not too much that can be done from a medical perspective to accelerate healing. For most sprains and strains, the only practical treatment is to follow the PRICE approach. PRICE stands for:

  • P – Protect from further injury
  • R – Restrict activity
  • I – Apply ice
  • C – Apply compression to the injured area
  • E – Elevate the injured area to a point where it is higher than the heart

Other than following the PRICE principle, the healing has largely to be left in the hands of nature. If you’re suffering from severe and prolonged pain from an athletic injury, your doctor may prescribe medication to reduce inflammation and relieve the pain. In very severe cases of spinal damage or ACL knee injuries, surgery may be recommended, particularly if you wish to regain the ability to enjoy an active lifestyle.

This is where deep tissue laser therapy can make a world of difference to anyone suffering as a result of sports injuries. As an alternative to surgery, class 4 deep laser therapy is a safer and often more effective treatment for many athletic injuries. Laser therapy also reduces inflammation and relieves pain by working directly at the source of the problem, not by merely providing short term relief from the symptoms.

Medical Treatments for Athletic Sports Injuries

Why Laser Therapy is Effective for Healing and Pain Relief

Class 4 deep laser therapy acts directly on the location where cells have been damaged. The therapy works like a kind of internal massage; encouraging microcirculation of red blood cells to the damaged area and increasing oxygenation. In turn this reduces inflammation, so relieving pain, while also enhancing your body’s ability to heal itself. The healing effect of deep tissue laser therapy can work on tissue, muscle, ligaments and even bone, by encouraging the return of oxygen to the affected site.

In addition to stimulating blood supply and oxygenating the site of an athletic injury, laser therapy also stimulates an enzyme called cytochrome oxidase, which aids the healing and regeneration of tissue. This therapy is free from any side effects and does not cause pain or discomfort.Class 4 deep laser therapy is proven to be effective on sprains, strains, knee, ankle, shoulder, neck and back injuries as well as other damage caused by slipping or falling during sports activity.

Don’t Settle for Less than Class 4 Deep Laser Therapy

To be effective on these types of sports injuries, it’s important that treatment is administered using a class 4 laser. Lasers in class 3a and 3b are not suitable for achieving the depth of penetration required to act directly on the sites of internal tissue damage. Class 4 lasers have the necessary power to penetrate deeply and deliver fast pain relief as well as expedite the healing process.

At Orange County Wellness Physicians Medical Center, we only use the most powerful and effective 15 watt lasers to treat athletic sports injuries. We are also able to combine laser therapy with other conservative treatments such as physical therapy and massage therapy

Class 4 Deep Laser Therapy at OCWP

In the hands of our extremely knowledgeable physicians, class 4 deep tissue laser therapy will bring you early results in regaining mobility and freedom from pain following an athletic injury. The laser therapy itself takes just 5 to 12 minutes and over the course of two to four weeks you may need up to 12 sessions, depending on the nature of your injury.

Where necessary, we will prescribe a program of complementary treatments alongside your laser therapy to get you back to fitness in the fastest possible time. If you’d like to discuss treatment of an athletic injury with us and make a medication-free recovery, just call us on (866) 303-9355 or schedule an appointment online.