Food and Environmental Allergies


Every day, humans make contact with food and the environment on multiple occasions. Certain types of food, as well as natural and synthetic parts of the environment, can cause great harm to the body’s immune system. Reaction to some of these elements can cause great pain and detrimental effects that interrupt daily life. Common food allergy symptoms include: migraines, asthma, sneezing, coughing, running nose, indigestion and irritable stomach problems, and physical pain that can occur anywhere throughout the body. There are hundreds of food choices that can cause an allergic reaction. Environmental allergies can create similar problems, however, the symptoms can also be related to respiratory functions. These include difficulty breathing, swallowing, itchy or watery eyes, and constant sneezing and coughing. The actual substance that creates the symptoms can include pet dander, pollen, dust mites, certain chemicals, mold, fungus, or even household items such as perfumes and cleaning products.


How We Test Food & Environmental Allergies

It is important to test a patient for food and environmental allergies in order to identify a true cause of irritable symptoms and also to prevent serious future outbreaks. There are dozens of unique allergies that can be tested. Many popular tests include a comprehensive food panel or multiple level foods panel that scans for allergies from lactose intolerance to broccoli sensitivity. Other tests include environmental chemicals panel and comprehensive wellness panels. These both include environmental factors outside of food. These factors range from hundreds of food items to the basic outdoor environment components such as trees, grass, plants, and mold.


OC Wellness Physician Treatments

Testing for food and environmental allergies is crucial to creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Implementing a specialized dietary plan or taking wellness supplements catered to one’s food and environmental allergen triggers will aid in creating a lifestyle that leads to long term immune defense and health. OC Wellness Physicians offers specific food and environment testing to understand your unique food and environmental allergy tolerance.


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