Water is the single most natural substance we can take into our body. We are after all, made up of 70% water ourselves. Why then, do so few of us drink the amount of water essential for our bodies to function optimally? Don’t think too carefully about the answer to this question; suffice to say that many of us simply don’t drink enough plain, pure water.

If you already follow some form of wellness care program, now is the time to review your water intake to ensure it’s sufficient. If you are considering how to get started with wellness care, step 1 should be to increase your water intake to eight glasses a day. With that prescriptive statement out of the way, why not read on to find out exactly why plain old boring water is such an essential element of wellness and therefore, wellness care?
Hydration Improves Therapy Results

Assuming you’re fairly certain that right now, you don’t drink enough water, here’s a challenge for you if you are having any therapy, like chiropractic care, massage therapy or acupuncture, as part of a wellness care process. From right now, begin to monitor your intake of water and ensure you drink your eight glasses per day (unless for any reason you are under medical advice to limit water intake). After you increase the amount of water you drink, take note of how you feel after your next session of treatment. I’ll wager that you will feel even better after the treatment than you have on previous occasions.

This is no magical secret that I’m sharing with you. The reason you will feel better after therapy than you normally do is this. Maintaining sufficient hydration, leads to improvements in bodily function, including the function of muscles and joints. When your therapist goes to work on your properly hydrated body, he or she is not fighting against the effects of dehydration. Instead, your body is better able to respond to the therapy, leaving you with a better feeling than you may have experienced while your water intake was lower.
Hydration Helps Fight Disease

Did you know that your best defense against viruses and bacteria is to consume plenty of water? Every part of your body requires water in order to function, but it also needs water to protect you from germs. The mucus membranes in your eyes, nose and mouth are there for a reason. The most important of those reasons is to create a sticky trap for airborne microbes and stop them from getting into your system. However, your mucus membranes can only create their sticky weapon against disease if you provide them with enough water. Insufficient water causes the membranes to dry out, leaving you more vulnerable to intrusions from harmful organisms.
Water for a Healthy Weight

As a society, we have become so chronically dehydrated that some of us can’t even tell the difference between hunger and thirst any more. In fact, 37% of Americans have a thirst mechanism so weak, that they mistake thirst for hunger. If you are struggling to maintain a healthy weight, drinking more water will help you a great deal. Apart from anything else, water suppresses hunger. When you are tempted to reach for that Twinkie or bag of potato chips, drink a glass of water instead. Your body will thank you for it.

Aside from being an appetite suppressant, the water that you drink helps your body to metabolize fat. In other words, drinking plenty of water will help to reduce fat deposits and assist you in your weight loss efforts. Moreover, when you do successfully rid yourself of excess weight, you will enjoy better body tone and less sagging skin than might otherwise be the case.
Drinking Water to Reduce Pain

Water is used by the body for lubrication, particularly in your joints and your spinal discs. Consequently, if you don’t drink enough water, your joints can experience more friction during movement, leading to pain and discomfort. Similarly, if you have a condition which affects your spine or the joints in your elbows or knees, you will almost certainly find that drinking more water has a beneficial effect.

Other Wellness Benefits of Drinking Water

In addition to the four major benefits already described, keeping your body properly hydrated by drinking sufficient quantities of water, has many other positive effects on health and wellness. Here are just a few of them:

  • Helps to flush toxins away from your organs
  • Carries nutrients to the cells in your tissue
  • Reduces fluid retention and associated swelling
  • Helps you to maintain healthy muscle tone
  • Reduces the effects of aging on your skin
  • Prevents constipation, headaches and heartburn
  • Reduces your risk of kidney stones

You may have heard the phrase “You are what you eat”, yet rarely does anyone say “You are what you drink”. That’s a shame because it’s a very accurate statement. You are composed of 60% to 70% water. That means that if you wish to remain whole and healthy, you must consume enough of the liquid from which you are mostly made. You see, plain water isn’t really boring at all. Essentially, it is the main component in the miracle of life.