There are few of us who don’t enjoy taking part in some form of sporting activity. For most of us of course, this doesn’t mean running marathons or taking down tackles on the football field. For example there are well over 25 million people in the United States who enjoy a round or two of golf at the weekends.

Even a relatively sedate sport like golf comes with its risks of injury though. In fact the majority of sports injuries occur as a result of repetitive activities:  Swinging a golf club for instance. Many golfers at some point, start to suffer with elbow tendonitis, hence its common name, golfer’s elbow.

The Effects of Sports Injuries

When we suffer sports injuries, they can seriously hamper our ability to continue with the recreational pastimes that we love and that also help to keep us fit and active. At its very worst a sporting injury, especially one which results in damage to the spine, can put paid to a person’s ability to lead a normal life. Imagine an injury which takes you from being a regular participant in your favorite sport, to a point where you have difficulty performing basic activity like sitting and standing without major discomfort.

At the other end of the spectrum, even minor sports injuries can make it harder to enjoy a sport you may have relished before the injury occurred. Many injuries of this nature have the potential to become chronic problems, recurring at more or less regular times to hamper our enjoyment of sport and life in general.

Measures to Prevent Sports Injuries (Even for the Non-Sporting)

Everybody is at risk from the various injuries often associated with sport. You don’t have to play golf to suffer with golfers elbow, for example. As with any affliction, prevention is better than cure and there are many ways in which you can avoid or prevent injuries to your back, joints, muscles or tendons.

Most experts agree that some form of regular exercise helps to strengthen our bodies and make us less susceptible to injury. However for many people, the forms of core strengthening exercise recommended are just too intense and often require access to a gym or home gym equipment.

Have you been thinking about taking on an exercise program to strengthen your body core and reduce the chances of curtailing your favorite sporting activity through injury? If so, Pilates is one such program which has many benefits and even offers advantages over other training activity. More often thought of as a healing treatment for injury sufferers, Pilates is actually a very effective method of balancing your body and strengthening it, both of which are fundamental elements of injury prevention.

Pilates for Injury Prevention

Pilates is often perceived as a program of stretching exercises and as such, tends to be disregarded as having much benefit as a sports training technique. However, Pilates incorporates much more than just stretching. Although it is a gentle and sedate form of workout, the exercises work the body as a whole and actually strengthen your body’s core muscles 10 times faster than a program of sit ups, crunches and other similar exercises.

Gentle and sedate it may be, but Pilates can protect your body from the rigors of the most athletic sports. A good program of Pilatesconditions and balances the deep abdominal muscles, called transverse abdominals, along with the rectus abdominals and the external oblique muscles.  This in turn builds core strength which stabilizes the spine and pelvis, making for improved posture and resistance to injury.

Another major advantage of Pilates is that the exercises can be performed anywhere. Little is required in the way of equipment and you don’t need to perform your workouts in a gymnasium environment. It’s definitely worth stressing though, that your success with Pilates for general health improvement and injury prevention can be greatly enhanced under the guidance of a skilled instructor or trainer.

Further benefits of Pilates are that learning the exercises is easy and while it’s a low impact form of workout, it delivers fast and dramatic results, not just for injury prevention, but also for improved general strength and wellbeing. After a few weeks of Pilates, you’ll notice an improvement to the way you feel, as well as to the way your body looks.

Pilates at OC Wellness Physicians

As already mentioned, more profound and rapid results can be attained through Pilates with the help of a professional instructor. Even if you plan to exercise mostly at home, a good instructor will ensure that you know exactly how to perform the disciplines correctly and safely. He or she will also help you put together a unique program to suit your needs.

For expert and extremely professional Pilates instruction in Orange County, you need look no further than OC Wellness Physicians. Our wellness specialists are dedicated to providing personalized Pilates guidance for optimal results. Whether you already suffer with a sports injury or would just like to prevent any potential problems, we are ready to help you on your way to a fitter, more resilient core.

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