Evidence-Based Treatments that Can Help Patients Suffering From Knee or Joint Pain.

Surgery Does Not Apply to These Treatments.

It’s unfortunately common for people to suffer from pain in their knees, joints, or back. Thankfully, today’s patients have options beyond surgery.

Many doctors are now suggesting that patients try non-surgical treatments.

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Surgery isn’t the only thing that can provide patients with relief from their pain. In many cases, there are safe and effective ways to treat joint problems without the use of surgery.These treatment options can treat all kinds of pain effectively, including ACL and sports injuries, arthritis pain, meniscus tears, chondromalacia, and bursitis.

Ultrasound-Assisted Injections Without Surgery

One of the more popular new treatment methods involves stem cell injections.

A patient’s own stem cells are injected into the part of the body that is experiencing pain.

Doctors use ultrasounds to determine where the injections should be given.

Stem cells can speed up the healing process, allowing damaging tissues to recover. While surgery can sometimes make pain worse, stem cells will help the body to heal naturally.

Because people are becoming active at younger ages, the frequency of joint ailments has been increasing.

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In addition to this, a significant percentage of the population is obese. Carrying around a lot of weight can put a great deal of strain on a person’s joints, especially around their knees. Medical advances have also been keeping people in good health for longer, which means people are staying active in the later years of their life. People of all age groups can experience knee and joint pain.

Evolving Treatments

In the past, patients had limited options for pain relief. These options included physical therapy, surgery, medication, and alternative treatment methods such as acupuncture.

Sadly, there are both risks and downsides associated with all of these treatment options.

Although physical therapy can be highly effective, it is best suited to treat minor injuries.

Some patients will not be able to get the relief that they need from physical therapy.

Surgery can solve pain problems, but it can also make them worse.

Many patients find that surgery actually worsens their issues. Beyond that, surgery often has a long recovery time.

Surgery is not the easy fix that it appears to be. It should never be a patient’s first 

option; it should always be treated as a last resort.

Patients that take pain medication will have to deal with a number of side effects. Some forms of pain medication can also be very addictive.

Alternative treatments can help some patients, but others don’t see any results from them.

Many alternative treatments aren’t evidence-based.

Thankfully, treatment options have been steadily improving. Today’s patients have options beyond the tried and the true.

The Latest Treatment Advances

Many experts are now focusing on treatment options that repair the injured tissue.

Experts have found that adult stem cells are able to heal damaged tissue, which means that tissue does not need to be cut and removed.

Researchers have found that you can regenerate lost or damaged tissue by using your own stem cells.

Because so many patients have been outlasting prosthetic joints, this type of treatment is becoming more and more common.

How Stem Cell Treatments Work

Both your bone marrow and fat contain Mesenchymal Stromal Cells or MSC. These are a type of stem cell that can help the body when it needs to repair tendons, cartilage, ligaments, or even bone.

These cells have the ability to change into different types of cells. They can also release healing molecules.

Researchers have found that this type of treatment is most effective when cells from both bone marrow and fat are used.

Why This Treatment Is Becoming the New Standard

Most experts agree that stem cells offer benefits that surgery can’t provide.

While surgery is the right choice for some patients, stem cell treatment is starting to become the gold standard for joint care.

There are a number of treatment techniques that fall under this particular umbrella. Ultrasound-assisted injections are still one of the most common options.

This form of treatment ensures that the healing cells are delivered to the exact location of the injury.

Even if a problem can’t be completely solved by nonsurgical injections, they allow patients to put off surgery. This can be tremendously helpful.

After all, the majority of surgical procedures can only offer temporary results.

Artificial knee and joint replacements can wear down over time. Nonsurgical injections can help patients avoid repeat surgeries.

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Anyone that’s coping with an ailment like a tendon strain, sprained ligament, arthritis, or some other type of injury should take a close look at their treatment options.Cutting-edge treatments like adult stem cell knee injections are an ideal choice for most patients.

What You Should Expect

If you do opt to undergo an OCW procedure, you can expect pain relief.

The procedure will be simple, and it can be completed in the office. Patients usually don’t experience any sort of downtime.

In fact, our doctors usually recommend that patients walk the same day they receive their injections.

Patients that are not willing to deal with the risks of surgery have benefited greatly from these simple outpatient procedures.

Even if your physicians are recommending surgery to you, you should take the time to look at some of your other options.

Many patients are amazed by the results they receive from injections. This treatment could give you a fresh new lease on life.

If you want relief from pain, but aren’t ready to undergo surgery, take the time to see if injections might be the right choice for you.

OC Wellness is ready to give you more information about the procedure. Please call! Don’t be shy!