Neuralgia Sounds Nostalgic…But This Neuropathic Pain Condition is a Very Painful Disorder. However, it is Not Fatal.

Referred to as neuropathic pain is caused by conditions, diseases, nerve injury or any injuries to the nervous system. The pain comes and goes depending on the cause or it might be continuous.

The symptoms of this chronic pain include severe and debilitating pain and tingling sensations.

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Neuropathic pain is caused by some issues including spinal stenosis (where the spine narrows down putting a lot of pressure on the nerves), conditions affecting the nerves and also diabetes.

Thanks to stem cell treatments, people suffering from neuropathic pain can find relief that was previously not available with other forms of treatment

Stem Cell Treatments for Neuropathic Pain

Besides providing relief for people suffering from neuropathic pain, these treatments are also used for the treatment of other conditions and disorders.

At OC Wellness Physicians Medical Group, our sources for stem cells include those supplied by the patient or donated. With the latter option, the donations are facilitated after the delivery of a healthy child.

After a child is born, the parent can decide to throw the amniotic fluid, placenta or cord blood (often referred to as after-birth) as medical waste.

Alternatively, they can store the stem cells to be used in the future or donate them for medical use.

Note that, stem cells sourced from healthy birth placenta don’t have the risk of rejection because they lack the cellular markers that prompt rejection.

Stem cells sourced from patients are taken from blood, bone marrow or in fatty tissues.

The adipose tissue is the richest source of fat in the body, with a concentration as high as 500% more than what’s found in the blood or bone marrow.

Neuropathic pain is caused by some issues including spinal stenosis

Stem cells can transform into other types of tissue in the body. Therefore, for someone suffering from neuropathic pain, the stem cells will heal the damaged tissue.

Stem cell therapy is at the forefront of creating effective treatments for numerous ailments. There’s no recovery time required and can be used safely and effectively to treat various conditions.

Stem cell therapy is a newly introduced treatment in the specialty of regenerative medicine.

If combined with other treatments such as pressure wave technology, it may speed up the regeneration of damaged tissues in the body. Any stem cell treatment requires about 15 minutes to be administered.

Stem cell therapy can provide relief for neuropathic pain, especially if other treatments have failed.


Also, it serves as a viable treatment for any other nerve-related damage such as the following:

• Irritated or inflamed nerves

• Degeneration of nerves caused by multiple sclerosis, stroke or bleeding in the brain

• Infections such as viral infections or shingles

• Nerve damage caused by pinched or trapped nerves

Note that, you need to be examined by a qualified physician to determine whether or not you should get stem cell treatments for your neuropathic pain.

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