October is National Chiropractic Health Month and to recognize that fact this year, the American Chiropractic Association is educating policymakers and the public about how conservative treatments offer safer, more cost-effective approaches for pain management than the use of medication.

The Expensive, Vicious Circle of Medication

The simple fact is that chiropractic care is a more cost-effective method of treating back, neck and many other musculoskeletal conditions than traditional medicine. If you are suffering from chronic back pain, for example, while you may be insured, those medical expenses that your insurance doesn’t cover soon mount up. Here is an alarming, but a somewhat typical hypothetical situation to illustrate the point.

You visit your medical doctor because you are beginning to suffer regularly with lower back pain. Depending on the exact nature of your condition, the doctor you see and what your appointment entails, you might end up with an uninsured bill of between $30 and $300. As a result of your consultation, you are prescribed painkilling medication or anti-inflammatory drugs, the typical solution for pain management in traditional medicine.

Now you go to the pharmacy and pay for your medication. While you are taking it, your pain is dulled enough to carry on pretty much as normal, but then your medication runs out. You buy more medication and so the cycle continues. Before you know it, your back pain has cost you a sum running into four figures and there is no sign that without medication, you will be able to function normally. Now you are dependent on your medication to enable you to lead a normal life. Dependency ultimately leads to addiction, especially if the medication you are using is an opiate-based painkiller. Another aspect of that is the plethora of other side effects that taking pain medication regularly can cause, especially liver damage, heartburn, allergic reactions, and the list goes on.

Drug dependency and addiction are expensive afflictions so when you reach that point, you are looking at costs that will continue to mount. Instead of getting better, you face nothing but the continued need to acquire pain medication and a high risk of suffering from more serious, perhaps even life-threatening health problems.

Chiropractic Care: The Cost-Effective Approach

Now let’s look at that same scenario from a chiropractic perspective. Instead of going to a general practitioner, you decide to make an appointment with a chiropractor. This appointment will probably cost you between $50 and $100. Depending on your chiropractor’s business model, your examination and/or x-rays may even be free or at least discounted.

From this point on, you will probably need to visit your chiropractor a number of times and perhaps you won’t experience immediate relief from your back pain. However, within the first few visits, you will begin to notice a difference, without spending a penny on medication. Moreover, although your pain relief may be incremental, it’s not dependent on anything apart from keeping to your appointment schedule and following any recommendations your chiropractor gives you regarding exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Depending on the nature and severity of the condition that’s causing your back pain, expenses for your course of treatment may amount to a four figure sum, but at the end of it, you know the money is being invested in treating your cause of pain, not just helping you put up with it. You also know that barring an occasional follow-up with your chiropractor to keep your spine aligned and prevent further problems; you will not have ongoing costs after your treatment is completed.

While this is a hypothetical comparison, illustrating how you as an individual might find chiropractic to be a more cost-effective, as well as safer and surer solution for back pain than traditional medical methods, there is plenty of evidence to support the fact. Over the last 25 years, there have been at least six such studies initiated by national governments, all of which have concluded that chiropractic care is cost-effective and have included recommendations for publicly funding the treatment.

Chiropractic Care at OCWP

The chiropractors at Orange County Wellness Physicians Medical Center practice at the forefront of the field. If you are suffering from back or neck pain and want to experience early benefits from treatment without medication, our highly trained and experienced practitioners can bring you the results you need at an affordable price. Apart from chiropractic care that’s second to none, our team takes care to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, as well as keeping you informed about the most effective ways to promote healing through lifestyle, exercise, and nutrition.

At OCWP, our wellness care isn’t limited to the time you spend in our clinic; we deliver value by providing you with high-quality advice and support, as well as the best chiropractic treatment. To find out more about our chiropractic and other conservative treatments for back and neck conditions, please take some time to browse our website or contact us for a consultation at 866-303-9355.