Avoiding Potentially Dangerous Surgery May Be An Option For Some With Stem Cell Treatment


Knee injuries are a common issue for people, especially for those who participate in sports, with the most common being an anterior cruciate ligament tear or sprain. Athletes most likely to suffer from an ACL tear are those who play football, basketball and soccer, and other physically demanding sports.


However, despite not being considered a physically demanding sport, golfers often suffer ACL tears as well.


Sports injury treated with stem cell therapyWhen it comes to men and women athletes, women are more likely to suffer from an anterior cruciate ligament injury than men are.

In fact, the odds of a woman athlete suffering from an ACL injury are eight times that of male athletes.

About 50% of ACL injuries happen in conjunction with damage occurring to other structures of the knee, for example, the meniscus and other knee ligaments. Partial tears of the ACL do happen, but this is a rare occurrence with most ACL tears being almost 100% complete.

Torn knee ligaments are a common occurrence.

There are four major ligaments in the knee. They are the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), the posterior cruciate ligament, (PCL), the medial collateral ligament (MCL) and the lateral collateral ligament (LCL).

The purpose of these ligaments is to work together to prevent abnormal knee movements, with each ligament restricting specific movements. When knee motion occurs outside of these restricted limits, there’s a good chance there will be tears to one or more ligaments.

Possible Symptoms:

One of the most common symptoms of an injured ACL is a popping sound followed by your knee buckling and giving way because it is unable to support your weight.

More symptoms include:

  • Pain in the knee that is accompanied by swelling.

When you have an ACL injury, especially tears, your knee will likely begin to swell within 24 hours. Occasionally, this swelling and any pain you feel may go away on its own.

In fact, you may feel well enough to start playing sports again, but if you do you’ll quickly learn that your knee can’t support the physical stress, and you run the risk of experiencing further damage to your knee as well.

  • Your range of motion will be limited
  • There will be tenderness around the joint line in your knee
  • You may experience pain and difficulty in walking


Stem Cell Therapy May Be An Option

Usually, when an athlete suffers from an ACL injury, the treatment of choice most often recommended is surgery.

Unfortunately, in many cases, surgery isn’t the best option, and there’s a good chance you will never return to your previous form if you choose to go this treatment route.

Because ACLs have little capacity to heal on their own, reconstructive surgery may be necessary in order to restore knee function.


stem cell for pain

The bad news is these surgical reconstructions often lead to serious complications, and with an increase in these reconstructions happening each year, naturally there are increases in complications as well, which has led to the demand for ACL repair alternatives.

One of the more promising alternatives available today is stem cell treatment via bone marrow stem cells.

Early studies have shown that adipose-derived stem cells bmac harvest may be a promising solution for ligament repair.

Knowing that there are safe treatment alternatives to potentially risky surgical solutions should offer some comfort for those suffering from sports injuries.

With stem cell treatment combined with PRP ( Platelet-Rich Plasma ) procedures, patients should experience faster healing times and better results over the more commonly used surgical treatment options.

In addition, those suffering from joint issues such as pain and arthritis may find OC Wellness Physicians Medical Clinic Procedures delivered via a simple injection a more suitable alternative to joint surgery.

Unlike those who have chosen to go the surgical route, our patients are encouraged to begin walking the same day they receive treatment, and most will have little to no downtime at all as a result of our procedures.

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