Stem Cell Therapy Conducts Normal Healing Function For Injured Knees

In recent years, stem cell therapy for regeneration is a treatment process that continues to be a more effective alternative in comparison to cortisone-steroid injections, surgery or physical therapy.

To date, there has been much clinical and scientific research that has gone onto clarify and confirm how effective these treatments are.

Probably one of the stand out benefits associated with treatment type is due to the fact that it provides relief to patients with chronic pain and difficulties when it comes to healing injuries.

The process of healing occurs without the need for any type of medication or reconstructive surgeries which are often risky.

Today, researchers are starting to discover other ways this treatment type is useful for chronic conditions that are common such as diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, and heart disease.

Knee stem cell therapy


The more common use for this stem-cell therapy involves controlling chronic pain in the knees.



This is possible through injecting stem cells directly into the knee.

This concentrated formula of stem cells is injected directly into the painful areas. As the growth factor of the cells starts to work, new connective tissue and skin cells develop, and the knee undergoes healing.


One of the common question in association to this treatment amongst most patients, involves if we already have these stem cells inside our knees, why are they unable to repair the damage?


The answer to this is that yes there is already stem cells present inside the normal-cartilage.

In addition, when it comes to an injured knee, the stem cells happen to be present in much larger numbers in their response to the injury. However, even though these cells increase in their numbers, these stem-cells will act chaotically which means they are not able to regroup into the healing mechanism that is needed to repair the damaged and injured areas.

When injecting stem cells into the injured area of the knee, native stem cells are then redirected into conducting a normal healing function.

This joint environment changes from chaotic into healing due to these injections.


How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?


Here is an explanation of how stem cell injections are able to provide healing to damaged areas in a knee.

When stem cells are first introduced into damaged areas of a knee such as the joint, stem-cells in the bone marrow will display multi-potency and plasticity.

What this means is that they display abilities to transform into another cell type and also show their strength in the ability to rapidly multiply.

The introduced stem cells are what signal “inherent” stem cells along with growth factors into regrouping and to start the process of healing and repairing the damaged joints.

Connective-tissue stem cells known as the Mesenchymal stem cells are what abolish the inflammatory T-cell proliferation which provides the important anti-inflammatory effect. What this results in, is that these cells subdue the chronic and damaging inflammation.

Connective-tissue stem cells are accompanied by several growth factors, which involves a number of bioactive-molecules which is what stimulates tissue repair locally.

The growth factors combined with a cell-to-cell contact that occurs between chondrocytes and MSCs influence cartilage-matrix formation and chondrogenic differentiation.

In simple terms stem cells regenerated cartilage.knee therapy with stem cells

Stem cell injections used for knees can assist with re-growing cartilage as well as stops chronic inflammation. This occurs as these stem cells encourage accelerated and rapid bone healing.

For this reason, stem-cell therapy use is able to regrow cartilage and bone and reduce swelling, it is conclusive that these stem cells are able to offer curative effects.

A variety of doctors suggest that patients that suffer from chronic knee injuries and pain are able to benefit greatly from the use of periodic stem cell injections into the affected areas.

However, before a patient chooses this therapy type, they need to be aware that this process is a 1-day therapy.

These processes require the correct isolation, expansion as well as a multi-staged delivery of these stem cells to achieve optimal results.

This treatment usually takes around a week, while the entire process will not necessitate any surgery type or the need to stay in a hospital. Patients are able to return home or work on completion of the procedure.

The choice of this treatment type for patients offers a way for patients to avoid painful rehabilitation processes or invasive surgeries.

Even though after receiving these injections patients are told to rest the area to assist with restoring strength, mobility, and range-of-motion to the knee joints.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Safe?

There are many patients that ask whether these procedures are regarded as safe.

This type of therapy has been in use for around 4 decades now. These treatments are regarded as the most effective and safest alternatives to a number of other treatments or surgeries.

Stem cells are also 99.99% immunocompatible and there is just about no threat involved for patient rejection.

Where Can You Find These Treatments?

Today stem cell therapy is offered by several doctors that specialize in offering pain-management services. This often includes anesthesiologists and orthopedics. Dependent on the treatment type you are in search of, you can then choose from the specific clinics.

In OC Wellness Physicians Medical Clinic, it focuses on using the most conservative, non-invasive approach to prevent unnecessary surgeries, pharmaceuticals, and invasive procedures.

What to Expect

Once you have decided on a clinic and a physician that has met up with your requirements, you can prepare for the procedure in the following way:

Before your treatment, your doctor will extract a sample of the stem cells in the affected areas.

Dependent on how severe your pain is the injection is then prepared. If your pain intensity is less, the injection is prepared quickly.

after stem cell therapy


When the treatment ends, you can return home where you should rest for a couple of days before you return to work or your regular routine.


It is normal that you will experience minor pain and swell close to the site of the injection straight after the process.
Typically, within 2 days you will be able to go back to your normal life without any difficulties.

Stem Cell Therapy for Pain is well-known for offering patients with effective and efficient stem-cell therapy treatments.

This facility offers a team of dedicated doctors that work together in diagnosing and preventing connective tissues and musculoskeletal disorders.

In conclusion, it is easy to see that the stem-cell injections used on knees are the ideal choice if you are in search of an effective, yet non-invasive treatment for damaged knees.