Most people don’t think about their knees until they start to experience some pain in them! This tends to happen as we get older and everyday wear and tear on the knees starts to have an impact. What causes knee pain without injury?

You might be alarmed when you experience this knee pain for the first time, but it’s actually fairly common. So the best thing to do is rest your knee and monitor the pain. If the knee pain is quite bad or requires some pain killers, it might be time to consult your local medical professionals.

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Sudden Knee Pain Without Injury

We usually associate knee pain with a sports injury or an accident, but it’s very common to experience knee pain out of nowhere. Why does this happen?

The knee is one of the most complex structures in the body. It is made of bone, cartilage, tendons, and fluid. These all work together to allow the knee to bend and flex in many directions. Since the knee joint is complex and supports the body’s weight at different angles, it can become stressed, even without physical activity.

You might notice more stress and pain in your knee joints as you get older.

Causes of Knee Pain Without Injury

The knee joint uses various materials and moving parts allowing the body to move in complex and dynamic ways. As a result, it gets easily stressed and damaged, and not only from sports and extreme activities.

Tendons can become stretched or torn, fluid can cause it to swell up, and bone or cartilage can be fractured. In addition, several conditions can cause knee pain from nowhere.

A fracture in the knee cap or shin bone can cause swelling and sharp pains, usually caused by an impact injury such as a fall! Tendinitis might occur if you walk or run a lot – your tendons will become tight and swollen.

Don’t ignore it if you suffer from knee pain – consult a healthcare professional such as OC Wellness Physicians.

Knee Pain Therapy

Sciatica knee pain symptoms can be mild or severe. You will have to decide if the knee pain you have is worth consulting a professional for or if you can treat it yourself. In mild cases, you can take the weight off your knee and take a break from physical activities such as walking, running, and climbing. You might also use some movement exercises to alleviate symptoms gently.

If your knee pain is extreme, take some painkillers and consult a medical practitioner. When you consult a medical practitioner, they will assess your knee and identify the cause of the pain. They will then diagnose some medication or physiotherapy.

knee pain therapy

Knee Pain Specialist Plans

Depending on your knee pain diagnosis, you will be offered a knee care plan specially designed for your circumstances. You might benefit from medication, physiotherapy, or a combination of the two. A physiotherapy plan will typically include knee exercises to strengthen your knee slowly. This might consist of some walking, using light weights, yoga exercises, and swimming.

A specialist program will be optimized for you! It aims to reduce knee pain and build back strength in the knee across a realistic timescale.