If you are looking for an alternative method to healing, PRP treatments, short for platelet-rich plasma treatment, have been thought to stimulate your body to grow new and healthy cells. But if you are looking for PRP treatment in California, you may have many questions: what is PRP treatment, what is it good for, and how can it help you? Let’s answer all of these.

What Is PRP Treatment?

PRP therapy for back pain consists of components of your blood that contain special proteins which can help your blood to clot. This can help your body promote cell growth, and by isolating the blood’s plasma, and concentrating it into an injection into damaged tissues can stimulate your body to grow newer cells and promote healing.

What Are the Benefits of PRP?

The benefits of PRP include prevention of painful inflammatory processes, reconstruction of injured tissue delaying the progression of any disease, and can improve mobility. PRP injections have a variety of applications, including treating chronic tendon problems, such as Achilles tendonitis, to treat minor sports injuries such as knee sprains; it has also been used as a treatment for osteoarthritis.

How Does PRP Treatment Help Pain?

Because the PRP treatment is injected into the area causing the pain, the PRP concentrate is providing a higher dose of this platelet-rich plasma. As you are being injected with a higher dose of this platelet-rich plasma, this can stimulate the body’s process to heal.

What Is the PRP Process?

The typical PRP process means a professional drawing a sample of your blood, and the amount will depend on the location of the final PRP injection. The blood is then placed into a centrifuge, which separates the plasma from the blunt, then the specialist takes the plasma, preparing it for injection into the area and using imaging to pinpoint specific areas for the injection the PRP then goes into the afflicted area. The process can take around one hour to complete.

What Happens After the PRP Injection?

If PRP is injected following an injury, it is recommended that you rest the area, however, most people can continue their daily activities after a PRP injection. You have to realize that PRP injections do not provide an immediate impact. Because the idea of PRP injections is to promote healing, you may not notice anything instantly, however, over a period of weeks or months, you may notice the area heals faster.

PRP Injection treatment

PRP treatments can help with a variety of conditions including lumbar degenerative disc disease, which can cause lower back pain. PRP injections are a very popular practice and are commonly used by athletes to speed up recovery from injuries. If you are looking for PRP treatment in California, the OC Wellness Physicians Medical Group can help you live your best life. Experiencing chronic pain or injuries that won’t heal could be frustrating, which is why PRP treatments could help provide a faster gateway to health and healing.